Here are some awesome links to great websites for training products, routines and food.

  • WildCheffDVDFrontJacket.jpgTHE WILD CHEFF: This is shameless “plugging” as I am working with him but believe you me, checking out his website/products/recipes is a MUST! If you have ever attempted cooking game, or even if you have not, this is the resource you want. Even if you don’t cook game or never plan to, his spice blends and oils are better than ANYTHING I have ever found in a store. Buy them, use them, love them. You will NOT be disappointed.
  • COUCH TO 5 K: This is the plan to get me running for the next 2 months.
  • VIBRAM 5 FINGER SHOES: My feet use to hurt ALL the time when I was working out in standard crappy sneakers (and even in expensive ones recommended by my Pediatrist). I stumbled across these by accident when I was looking for new sneakers, did the research and fell in love. Get yourself a pair and you will never go back to those foot crippling, over priced pieces of crap called sneakers ever again.
  • COOKING LIGHT: they have some great recipes series to click through, all around themes. Worth getting their email’s at the very least. And YES they have pasta! Remember, moderation and portion control!      
  • BON APPETIT: I have a subscription to this (and the above) magazine and I cherish it. It’s like food porn. The think about these recipes is that they are involved BUT when eating something that is time-consuming and amazing, one does not need a big portion but a small one to savor every bite.
  • ED HYDER’S MEDITERRANEAN MARKETPLACE: This is like my personal specialty food store. If you are anywhere in the Worcester, MA area you need to make a drive to check it out. It’s on a sketchy street (Pleasant St. ironically enough) in an old station from the looks it. When I can’t make the hours drive to a Whole Foods, I come here. Plus Ed the owner is super nice and he’ll trim a lamb shank especially for you if you ask.                          


  • TEDDIE’S PEANUT BUTTER: Best peanut butter of all time. I once had a personal trainer back in high school. He told me to switch over and start eating this for 2 week and I would NEVER go back to anything else. He was right, I never have.
  • CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT: Now I have been eating a lot of these “funky-crunchy-granola” (as my father loving refers to it as) things long before anyone knew what they were or cared to. My mom’s fault (I wasn’t allowed JuicyJuice as a kid cause there was too much sugar in it, I’m not kidding). Greek yogurt was one of these things. I have tried them all and Chobani is the clear winner. Even if you don’t think you like yogurt, try this, and you will change your mind. It’s got the consistency of a great ice cream or gelato even. Their 2% pineapple is A-Mazing! I swear if you put it in the freezer you would think it was pina colada ice cream. Try it, love it. (P.S. follow them on Facebook and get coupons and great recipes!)
  • KASHI: Another one of those things I have been eating long before it was ‘en vouge’. They make some GREAT stuff. I’ve never been impressed with their frozen pizza BUT their TLC (tasty little crunchies) granola bars are the best. Great pre or post workout snack. I highly recommend the Trail Mix bar but the Dark Mocha Almond is, well, it’s BEYOND lets just put it at that. It feels like your doing something VERY naughty!                                                    
  • JOSEPH’S: What I would do without their wraps I have no clue…or their pitas. I swear by their “FLAX, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat” products. I’m not a huge bread person. If I’m going to waste the calories I want GOOD stuff but that’s rare that I crave it. However, I don’t want to eat crap. These are amazing and super soft and very low in calories. I use their pitas as a wrap and put everything from scrambled eggs & veggies to deli meat, to falafel in them and have an instant sandwich. The lavash is great for “burritos” or wraps as well. I put FF refried beans, cheese and salad is one half, fold it over, instant yumminess.
  • UNCLE BEN’S READY RICE (WHOLE GRAINS): These things have become my favorite “fast food”. I’m not big on pre packaged stuff but if you are looking for a good, healthy dinner, you can’t go wrong. They are perfectly portioned for 2 people (being that more goes to Matt than myself here) and their uses are endless. Serve as a side, use the plain brown rice to make stir frys, beans & rice and even add them to soups or casseroles.  

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