I’m research my races!!!! Somewhere along the line I concluded that it might be best, given that May and June can be hot, that I should pick my races near the coast, beach esp. WHY?

Well a few reasons: a. it presumable be cooler, b. it will be MUCH more pleasant scenery (also presumably) and c. because then it’s like a fun mini vaca! I can spend the day on the coast and there is nothing I love more than the ocean..at least in the summer. Fall I’ll take the woods any day.

I’ve narrowed it down to the following:


  • Freedom Trail Run 5K

Saturday, May 7th. Boston, MA

This is a sight-seeing kind of 5K which sounds perfect. That’s before my target 5K so it sounds like a perfect way to get my feet wet because we will be stopping often! I’m actually pretty excited about this one because I’m a total history geek! Plus it’s not a race (they do it every weekend I think) so I don’t have to be as nervous.


  • Trav’s Trail Run

Sunday, May 22nd Newburyport, MA

This intrigues me because it’s a trial run. I’m all for that! My Vibram KSO Treks are made for trail runs, yes they are! Plus Newburyport is AWESOME. Sounds like a good time to me!


  • Red, White & Blue Blast 5K

Saturday, May 28th Worcester, MA

OK so this is not on the coast at all. In fact, it’s right near me. The more I think about this the less I like it. BUT then I wouldn’t have far to travel so I’m keeping it in the loop so to speak.


  • Wachusett Mountain Road Race

Saturday May 28th Princeton, MA

The yin to the beaches yang; the mountains. Now the big opposition to this one? This will be 5.25 miles! That’s a whole heck of a big difference when you are as opposed to running as I am. Not only that but the website says the new route is “challenging.” Uh, huh. The upside to this one? I love Wachusett Mt., it’s like my second home really. Plus it’s close by. So, I’ll think about it. Let me see where my running skills are come May 28th and then we will talk about it..



(boy this month was SPARS for 5Ks!)

  • Old Sandwich Road Race

Saturday, June 4th Plymouth, MA

OK so the history geek comes out again! This is run on a dirt road but not just any dirt road. Oh on. It was the nations first true public road (claims the website). Ok, you sucked me in. also near Plymouth. Can I say no?? Probably not.


  • Lov2Run Portland 5K

Saturday, June 11th Portland, ME

Ahh Portland, probably my FAVORITE city on the planet as it doesn’t seem to be so much a city to me but a really cool historic town. Plus they have the most amazing Whole Foods. Any-who the thought of running in Portland makes my heart skip a beat and actually make me look forward to it until I remember how much I not so much hate as loathe entirely the thought of running! 😀 YAY! Right?!




  • SheROX Webster Triathlon

Sunday, July 24th Webster, MA

This is it. The be all end all. THE BIG ONE! My mom did this for her 60th birthday (she will kill me for telling you that) and I cannot live with myself until I do it too! The whole point to the 2 5Ks ahead of time is to get me ready for the running. The 1/2 mile swim I’m OK with, 12 mile bike I’m good I think but the run? At the end when I’ll already be tired? Yeah, I’ma need to work on that one!


AUGUST: (Keeping on it!)

Presumable my August I’ll be a piece a cake kinda runner so I don’t want to lose all that hard work.

  • The New Balance Falmouth Road Race

Sunday, August 14th Falmouth, MA

So because I have a friend who also happens to have a beagle that has never met MY beagle and she just happens to live on the cape, I’m going to do this. She told me about it. Fits the beach/coast criteria, fits the pretty scenery criteria AND my beagle can finally meet her friend? No brainer. I’m on it!



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