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I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.

Tuscan White Bean “Burgers” with Pesto, Red Pepper Yogurt Sauce

Oh HI! How are you?! Can we please forget that you have not heard a peep out of me in like uhm a month?? Please tell me you didn’t give up on me, I mean I would have by now, but please tell me … Continue reading

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Ham & Asparagus Frittata with Sharp Cheddar

Have you seen the strawberries lately? No, even better, have you TASTED the strawberries lately?! Boy, oh boy are they something! Sweet and a little tart but packed with flavor all the same! Ok, ok so I’m trying to distract from … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Grilled Applewood Shrimp

I’m kind of a weird girl. But then again, I’m sure you realized that by now. I will tell you I do not like tomatoes, that I hate them in fact! My dad tells me this makes me “not Italian”..which is … Continue reading

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Exciting New! Summer Blog Series: 12 Weeks of Grilled Pizza

I have a surprise for youuu. 😀 I woke up this morning with pizza on the brian, but not just any pizza, no my friends the pizza of all pizzas; Grilled Pizza. Homemade Grilled Pizza to be exact! I love pizza, … Continue reading

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The Sick Factor

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my training.   Well last week, it was going GREAT! This new job is really conducive to my workouts. I get up around 6ish, workout and then go to work … Continue reading

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Give Pea Soup a Chance

Why does Pea Soup have such a bad wrap? Was is The Exorcist? Did that ruin for everyone?

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Jazzed Up Sour Cream Noodle Bake & Ham and Asparagus Pasta with Fresh Rosemary

Oh boy, do I ever have 2 delectable noodle recipes for you today! And one with leftover no less! Lets start on Friday, last Friday. I’m behind on posts I know but give a girl a break OK?! I set … Continue reading

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The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope the Easter bunny was good to all of you…looks like he was awful good to Matt! What better way to celebrate Easter than a walk through the Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls?! Now, the real reason … Continue reading

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What, No Cake?? Turkey Meatball Cassarole and Pioneer Woman Day

Hiyah! It’s Pioneer Woman Day! Oh, no you say? It’s Good Friday Lindsey Duh? Well, maybe to you but to me it’s apparently Pioneer Woman Day. Yes today I will not only make her Sour Cream Noodle Bake for dinner (with … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day! & The Green Box

Happy Earth Day! My gosh I cannot BELIEVE I forgot! I love earth day! It means I get to hug a tree and have a legitimate excuse for anyone that might question my behavior.

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