My name is Lindsey and I consider myself a “Jill of all Trades”. Event Planner by day, chef (untrained) by night, resident goofball, writer (still working on getting that great book out to publishers), home renovator, organic garden enthusiast, outdoors lover, fitness guru (when I feel like it) and all around tree hugger and friend to animals alike. I do a lot for only being on this planet for a 1/4 of a century.

My passion is food and good food. I believe we are no longer content, especially my generation (which I am THRILLED about) to simple eat food without asking “Where did this come from? How was it made? What was added to it? How did it live? How did it die?” I’m a firm believer in eating from and working with the land, eating local, eating humane (ALL of the meat I consume was killed humanely (as humanely as these things can be done) and lived a good life). That’s all I can ask for in this life, to live well, the life I was meant to, free and open, and die quickly..why should I be able to say the same for what I use to feed myself? Something to think about.

I’m not a trained chef or nutritionist nor do I have a degree in fitness training. However, I have 25 years of experience on this earth experimenting with all types of food, cooking and exercise. It’s how I was raised. I’ve lost and gained weight, gotten into great shape, and fallen back out again. I know how it works. It takes HARD work in fact but at the end of the day you have only yourself to answer to. Do you want to give yourself the best chance to live a great life as a fit, in shape, healthy person, or do you want to pretend that’s not important? I don’t.

I live in Massachusetts in a house my boyfriend (Matt) and I bought less than a year ago. We have 2 cats that we adore (Lulu & Finella (Finny)) and our newest addition Maybelle our little beagle.

We love our pets, we love our house (and working on it), we love to cook, we love the outdoors and we love eachother. That’s all that matters 🙂 Oh and we have great families that we love as well. That’s very important too 😀 We are just full of love we are!


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