The Sick Factor

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my training.

Protein Artisan Snack Plate


Well last week, it was going GREAT!

This new job is really conducive to my workouts. I get up around 6ish, workout and then go to work and it’s done for the day.

The difference between 5am and 6am is profound let me tell you.

I was able to take a Body Attack class on my day off on made it very clear that my workouts needed to be UPPED big time.

I was all excited to tell you about running outside in the mornings this week, last week it was elliptical, but then, suddenly, I’m sick.

This seems to be a trend; I get back into working out, I do really, really well for a week…and then I’m sick, it’s just how it is.

This is frustrating for several reasons BUT, I will not be deterred!

I see this as a test, a hurdle to be jumped.

It’s saying are you really committed? Ir are you just kind of committed? Hmm? HMM?!

Well I tell you what you nasty, snoty cold monster, I will not be beaten! Oh no!

MY diet last week left much to be desired I can tell you that, but I’m still adjusting to my new schedule. that’s my excuse anyway.

On a different note however, I got a dose of inspiration last week on a trip to Starbuck’s after my Body Attack Class.

I was waiting for my dear friend Leslie and I NEEDED to eat, but I was focused on fueling my body only, not spoiling it.

This when I found Starbuck’s Protein Artisan Snack Plate. I tell you, it was a good choice, just what my hungry, work-out recovering body needed.

SO, this week I have set out to create by own protein snack plate for lunch, having the added benefit of being able to skip home for lunch…I’m just kidding I don’t skip, it’s much too far.

I boiled a bunch of eggs yesterday, picked up some GORGEOUS and delicious strawberries, some pears (which I know will be safe from Matt as he’s strange and doesn’t like pears. Honestly, who doesn’t like pears?!), cut a few slices of good sharp cheddar and I’ve got my Teddie’ Peanut Butter on standby, the only thing I’m still working on is the “multi-grain muesli bread” but I figure a slice of light oatmeal will work in a pinch.

I’ll keep you posted, wish me luck!


About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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