The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope the Easter bunny was good to all of you…looks like he was awful good to Matt!

What better way to celebrate Easter than a walk through the Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls?!

Now, the real reason I made this is because Matt’s brother and his fiance just closed on their first home! Congrats Sean and Shannon! ūüôā

My plan was to bring them over so they could pop them right in their oven and scarf them down…problem was I hadn’t been to the house until yesterday and I quickly realized their oven, although resembling the car radio of a 57′ Chevy Bel-Air looked cool…it was in-operable. No matter, into the freezer they went. Oops.

I didn’t change a single thing save for an accidental butter leave out on the first half of the rolls…never again. I couldn’t figure out why the sugar and cinnamon were falling out when I tried to cut them!…I had used a stick of butter (which as you know is a HALF of a cup) instead of a cup. There was nothing I could do but I was sure to remedy the situation the next time around!

I also baked the rolls Friday night, and then glazed them Saturday morning, putting a pan in the oven at 250 degrees for¬† 20 minutes to warm them first and inviting my neighbor over. I’m sure I won best neighbor award for that. ūüėČ

I’m not going to post the recipe her because, well you have it above, but I will walk you through my experience through photos….because I want to prove to you that I made them.

It’s a pride thing, humor me.

After carefully make the fist stages of the dough, I added the last cup of flour, baking soda and baking powder. I can honestly say this was my first time making yeast dough from scratch! :O Shocking I know.

Next I let it rise and when I punched it down, it looked like so;

Instead of using it right away, because I was busy battling unruly¬†forsythia bushes outside that hadn’t¬†been trimmed in a good 20 years, I covered the dough loosely¬†with plastic wrap and stuck it in the fridge for about 2 hours. The Pioneer Woman says you can do this btw!

Next I set about rolling the dough out. Easy enough.The dog was in heaven licking flour of the floor and it didn’t stop there but we will get to that later.

Now I poured on the luscious¬†melted butter and spread it around with my hands. Can I just say, this was the most amazing feeling ever, seriously it was soo..I don’t know how to describe it, soft? It is something I very dearly wish to repeat, it made my soul sing jubilee to rub melted butter on yeast dough…don’t ask I have issues. Moving on!

Next came the sugar and the cinnamon. This is a photo from when I did it correctly, with the proper amount of butter.

I found the easiest way to sprinkle the sugar was to use a 1/4 cup measuring cup and sprinkle it from there in, well, quarters. Sometimes I have good ideas you know..

Next came the rolling, also, easy enough.

Almost theeerrreee….

DONE!..with the first half

The cutting was a little iffy. I cut each long roll in half, placed what I could on a cutting board and went to town, laying the swirly beauties into heavily buttered CAKE pans.

You know, this was something I didn’t really think about, but I needed tin cake pans¬†not pie tins. No matter, I figured it out ūüėČ


Next I covered them and left them alone to rise while I made The Pioneer Woman’s AMAZING Sour Cream Noodle Bake, but that’s¬†a post for another day…seriously though this was¬†so soooo¬†good,¬†beyond my wildest hopes as to how it would taste..but I’ll leave it alone for now.¬†

Well hello pretty puffy babies! Oh, I had pre-heated the oven to 375 by this point as well. Very important step if one plans to bake these.

I laid 4 pans on the top rack of my very temperamental¬†oven and baked them. Mine took almost exactly 15 minutes. The house smelt, well, you know, heavenly and all. I had a permanent smile on my face (which had nothing to do with the glass of wine I was drinking of course). There is just something about the smell of cinnamon in a baked good isn’t there?

Ohhh my.

So it was about this time that I was feeling rather proud of myself, I had made these through for the first time doing almost everything exactly right (save for leaving a little butter out on the first round). I was finishing making dinner and I figured the dog was with Matt in the living room. I also thought the rolls would be safe on the table because all of the chairs were around it. Oh how wrong I was.

A good 15 minutes later, I got a sudden pang, I knew something was wrong. The dog was being wayyy to quit so I went into the back room to investigate.

See that last, 7th pan on the left? The one towards the edge?? It is no more. Lets all have a moment of silence for our fallen comrade.

That sneaky bratty beagle moved the chair, got the whole pan down and ate every.snigle.last.roll. I’d say it was about¬†9 rolls in total. I nearly cried. Then I worried the stupid theeving¬†dog was going to die from eating what I reasoned to be a good stick of butter and cup of sugar. We brought her for a long walk in the dark, called my Animal Control¬†Officer sister, and came to the conclusion¬†that, aside from a little case of hyperness, she was happy as a clam. Brat.

Once the rolls were cool Matt covered them in tin foil (because I was sound asleep in the chair by this point) and I set about glazing them the next day.

I was up at 6am Saturday morning, because, well, that’s just how I am and I made the glaze.

I have 2 minor complaints; 1. the coffee wasn’t quite¬†strong enough for me so I added some granulated espresso powder and 2. maple flavoring?!

Now I know the Pioneer Woman doesn’t¬†exactly live in maple sugaring country but I though this would taste¬†remotely like real maple. Negative. Next time, I’m adding real maple syrup and not looking back.

I spooned the glaze over the cold rolls but I did pop one in the oven for breakfast.

Here are cold, glazed rolls;

I call this one, “mount rollamojaro”..haha..ahahahahahah heehehehe..he.he



But wait! I’m not done! Now these? These are the “rolling cinnamon plains”

Ooey and Gooey..Oh man. Oh, oh dear.

I served mine up with , WAY too much coffee.

MY neighbor braved the rain for one.

I figured I send her home with the last 2 in the pan.

I was a fan of the “pull and eat” approach, unraveling the layers of warm cinnamony, buttery goodness.

I ate 2. How the dog polished off 9 I still don’t know.

I’m going to find out though.




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I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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5 Responses to The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Kate says:

    Linds, I want to make these. I have wanted to make these for a few years but I was leery about the maple glaze. I don’t really like maple things other than syrup on my pancakes and I wasn’t sure I could justify making a batch of cream cheese glaze for a batch this size. But you say they aren’t very maple-y?

    • Hey, the cream cheese frosting would be AWESOME on these and you really don’t like real maple?! Well, yeah the maple isn’t too strong but Ally is right, just add vanilla. I personally added MORE coffee because I found that I didn’t think it was strong enough. It’s soo hard to taste the frosting on it’s own because its SO sweet but it is a glaze and it’s made to sweeten the rolls…oh I also added another stick of butter to the glaze..for good measure ūüėČ I’m sure no matter what way you do them they will be awesome! People raved about them.

  2. Ally says:

    I made them with vanilla extract the last time, Ot, instead of the maple. They came out fine- you taste the coffee more than the maple, anyway.

  3. cakewhiz says:

    mmmmmm…cinnamon rolls. they look so good and must have tasted heavenly. i follow pioneer woman’s blog too…she has the most amazing recipes!

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