Happy Earth Day! & The Green Box

Happy Earth Day!

My gosh I cannot BELIEVE I forgot! I love earth day! It means I get to hug a tree and have a legitimate excuse for anyone that might question my behavior.

“Uhm Excuse me, Mame?”


“Are you- were you just hugging that tree?”

“Well yes I was as a matter of fact! It’s Earth Day. Have you hugged a tree yet today? Better get on that.”

I really do love hugging trees. I’m awful fond of them.

One of the cool things about working at the hospital where I work (for 3 more days only, but still) is that every year they have a little Earth Day festival of sorts where all types of venders come and set up tables and teach you about recycling, and organic lawn maintenance, and saving turtles! (I’m not joking…that was an actual table) and the people at the public bus table give you a tree! No, I’m serious look, they gave me a tree;

My mother thought they were tulips because of the bag.

Oh Martha.

Well it just so happened that today, my mother and I decided to have lunch up in the Medical School lobby where this was taking place. I really should have taken pictures but I didn’t know about it and I left my phone down here. I also should have taken a picture of my Mom, she’s rather adorable.

It didn’t take us long to see people walking through the crowd with massive green boxes and big huge smiles on their faces.

We had to investigate.

We quickly discovered a long line and the source. We didn’t even really know what were IN the boxes yet other than it was $10 and it had something to do with lights, when my mother shoved me in line and scampered off to get some money.

This was cruel as it was directly next to the sugar house (i.e. maple sugar) table and I was forced to drool over all the maple sugar candy without a single dollar on me in which to partake of said maple sugar candy gloriousness. Have I mentioned maple sugar candy is most favoritest candy EVER…although it only wins by hair over gummy worms…but it still wins.

I repeat, cruel. I was forced to sip my free lime seltzer (which I promise to recycle!) and pout.

My mother made it to me just as I was getting nervous and trying to figure out what the German family behind was talking about, handed me a $20 and told me to get 2 boxes. I handed the lady a $20 (because I always do what my mother tells me to) and she handed me 2 large boxes which I was tasked with carrying around for the next 15 minutes.

We walked around, I visited all my favorite farmer’s market vendors that were all there and who known me by first name (because I talked their ears off and annoyed them enough last year) who were all there.

I will miss the farmer’s market on Tuesday afternoons at the hospital more than anything else….I plan to try to still attend…I’m going to work my new work schedule around it if it kills me!…or more likely if it gives me a headache.

My mother may or may not have bought me some maple syrup for my Easter basket because I was whining. Yes, I’m 25 and my mother still makes me an Easter basket. Why do you ask?

So why did I tell you all of this? Because I found myself sitting at my desk a few moments ago, staring at the green box.

I had no idea this box was even mine until my mother skipped off back to work and said, “Oh that one’s yours.” Well thanks mom!..I still wasn’t entirely sure what was in it though, just that it weighed an awful lot.

I cannot BELIEVE it took me a good 3 hours for curiosity to get the better of me.

I tried to avoid it, tried looking at my cute red shoes.

 Hi red shoes! You really are very cute..and confortable to boot! You were the best $12 I ever spent! Red shoes, we don’t care about that box over there in corner do we? *gasp! It got closer!

Boots, please help. Your bigger than red shoes, you have more stopping power! Boots?

Oh forget boots I’m going in.

How do you open this thing?

It is like a lever or special button you have to push?

Boots I’m scared!

Boots? Oh forget you, red shoes? Red shoes I could really use you right now!

Getting closer…


So the contents of the mystery green box are as follows:

2 energy efficient desk lamps, bulbs included ( “Oooo”)

2 energy efficient nighty-night lights. My cats will be thrilled they no longer have to stub their little claws toes whilst running around like maniacs at night while I sleep. Thrilled.

Plus, no few than 12 of these energy efficient light bulbs.


I don’t there are even 12 lights total in my house. No I’m sure of it. We like to live in the dark, it’s a personal preference, not for everyone. Plus lamps are expensive and we are cheap. The end.

Oh and while I was writing this post?

The lovely and sweet and caring (Oh I’m not going to cry because I’ll miss the. I wont!) nurses surprised me with a cake and a VERY pretty bracelet! Aww! I was going to make them a cake on Friday (my actual last day) and surprise them but I just told them so it’s not a surprise but they are excited anyways so who cares?

this bracelet, fYI was inside a bag, inside wrapping, in side a box and inside another box. Just to make things interesting.

What a great Earth Day!

Now go hug a tree and be sure to tell me all about it! 😀

-Peace Out Home Slices



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I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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