The Lazy Week Rally Cry

Call it denial, call it excitement but I simply can’t be too bothered with much of anything this week. Sadly, this includes cooking or training.

I think a lot of this has to do with still getting over the shock, stress and excitement of my new job! (Excuse me a moment..Eeeeeee!!!! 😀 Ok thank you, I’m good now.)

I had given up hope by last Friday. I was told I would hear from them by “mid-week” whether or not I had the job. I had myself so thoroughly convinced I was going to get it, based on their reaction to me, but, by Thursday I was getting nervous. By Friday I was downright depressed. As I headed out on my 45 minute commute and sat in 5 MPH traffic Friday morning I felt like crying, obviously I didn’t get it.

I texted the only friend I had told about the position (my dearest and oldest friend Jackie) and said that I obviously didn’t get it. She was staying positive for me “I’m sure it just took them longer! Don’t worry!” I had resigned myself to failure. Man I was mad at myself! I had gotten my hopes up WAY too high. I was in a nasty, nasty mood by lunch time (it could have had something to do with low blood sugar too but that’s irrelevant).

I brought my phone with me but kept myself distracted reading The Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I went nearly my entire break without looking at my phone, but then, lo and behold, just as I gave a big sigh and decided to head back to my desk, I saw that I had a voice mail. I listened, I smiled, I nearly danced around and shouted with joy, but I thought that might be inappropriate given that there were about 5 other people in our cramped break room.

I feel like, since then, I boarder between complete elation and excitement, restlessness and anxiety. It’s going to be a big change but one of the reasons I have for slacking so much on working out this week is that with my new job, I can pretty much train whenever I want to! If I want to go take a class at 9:15am on a Wednesday, well gosh darn it I can! Sure there will be weeks during the peak wedding season where I’ll work about 70 hours a day and I’ll have to be there at certain times, but the reality is, I mostly make my own schedule. This- I can’t even tell you how this tickles me positively pink! It makes me giggle (although I’m prone to giggling anyways, yes I’m a giggler) and feel devious, like I got away with something. The reality that I no longer have to face waking at 4am to fit my run training in, my lord is it a beautiful thing!


Do you ever have those weeks when you are just BRIMMING with culinary eagerness and prowess? And then, seemingly out of no where, the next week all you want to do is eat take-out or do as little cooking as possible? Yeah, well that me. Coupled with my exceedingly low freezer meat supply (see Adam’s Farm post), I simply cannot be bothered in the least with dinner.

I feel like I’m hunkering down waiting for something, like a crouched cat..or a beagle! Beagles pounce, did you know that?

Any-who, for the strangest reason I’m starving this week, and all I want is BAD, bad things. Last night, for example, I had thawed out some lentils I had cooked at the end of March. Great, I love lentils. They are filling and satisfying. Yet, inconceivably, I felt the need to also make some Annie’s Mac & Cheese! What the HECK? Why on earth did I need all of that? I have no idea. And I ate It, oh I absolutely ate it. No I’m not pregnant thank you for asking.

Tonight, guess, just guess what I’m making for dinner?…Hot dogs and beans. If I were pregnant (which I’m not I promise you) my child would be reduced to a life of health food depravity, the likes of which I have never known! Ok, maybe that’s a tad extreme…ok it’s very extreme.

So here is/are my vow(s):

  • I will remind myself that I still have an entire week left before the start of my new job.
  • during this next week, I will remind myself that everything does not stop simply because I’m excited about something; dinners must be made, dishes must be washed and beds are not to lounged in before 8pm.
  • I will plan (per my usual) and cook dinner every single night next week. and it must be food that is not in any way, pre made.
  • I will get my butt back on the training wheel, because, after all, I am still excepted to run a 5K NEXT MONTH. I.E. there will be no more slacking.
  • I will still have an entire weeks worth of my commute, this means workouts must be planned accordingly, no slacking allowed (see above).
  • I will remind myself that just because I will be have a new and different job with ever-changing hours, that I will still in fact see my beloved and my pets and I do not need to smoother them as if I will never see them again for the next…11ish days.

I’m going to strive to be a better person darn it, or a better Lindsey I should say. I’m going to be a GOOD blog poster and remind myself that this blog is called “Trail to Train” darn it, and it must inspire! You will have recipes! You will have training! You will have random thoughts that will make you laugh my golly!

This is my rally cry, hear me giggle roar!

Thank you, that is all.


Lindsey Lou-ster

Your blog buddy


About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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