Adam’s Farm

Wow, I’m really pumping out the endorsements on here lately!

It’s really because I haven’t made much in the recipe department worth noting recently, all because my meat supply is running RA-THAR low. Which, in turn, bring me to Adam’s Farm.

I’m planning on making a trip there on Saturday and with good reason.

You may have heard me mention Adam’s Farm before but let me tell you what, where and why.


Did you know that there was a time I considered becoming a vegetarian? Yes, its true. I was so disgusted with the horror stories I heard about the horrible and cruel conditions animals lived in and I wasn’t sure that on a moral level, I could do it anymore!…eat meat that is.

About the time I was becoming serious about going vegetarian, I had to take a trip to the doctor. I was in great shaped, working out 6 days a week ,and I was out of breath walking up the stairs. I was EXHAUSTED!

After we determined, no I was not in fact pregnant (my conversation with the doctor went something like this, Dr: “are you pregnant?” Me: “No I’m definitely NOT pregnant.” Dr: “are you sure?” Me: “Yes I’m positive.” Dr: (filling out blood work form) “uhm I’m just going to check this one off (points at pregnancy check box) just in case.” Me: “you go right ahead if it makes you feel better.”) my blood work came back to reveal that my iron levels were SCARY low.

The way she explained it to me, “you can’t breath because you have no iron in your blood which carries oxygen so therefore you have no oxygen in your blood.” Creepy. She asked me if I was in fact a vegetarian I said no, although I go days without eating meat BUT I was eating vegetables with lots of iron in them! She explained that our bodies don’t process the iron we get from plants quite the same way they do from animal products. She also said that I, especially, was clearly not extracting iron the way I should be and suggested I “exercise a little less and eat a little more red meat!”

Well this left me in quite the predicament.

During this time (now my senior year in college) I had developed a friendship with one of my classmates, Theresa. It just so happened her family owned a slaughterhouse. Mentally, I shut that word out because it sounded so gruesome, until she explained to me that her family’s farm, was no ordinary farm.

When it had burned down our sophomore year, many a farms had gone out of business because they were one of the few humane kill slaughterhouses in the area (from how I understand it). So important was this slaughterhouse, that the government gave them a grant to rebuild it.

Let me give you a little quote from their website:

“What’s Special About Our Process?
  •  All animals arriving at the processing plant are transported in fully equipped livestock trailers with ample feed and water.
  • Livestock holding pens have been professionally designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, the world’s foremost authority in the humane handling of animals.
  • The movement of the animals from the holding pens to the processing plant is through a series of one-way gates along a calming, circuitous path that never retraces steps. This is the most humane method possible and substantially reduces and even eliminates the release of stress hormones to provide a better tasting end product.
  • The processing plant is a 9,000 square foot state-of-the-art, USDA inspected facility consisting of an 1,800 square foot kill floor, 250 square foot walk-in cooler, 300 square foot chill cooler, 1000 square foot holding cooler, 800 square foot freezer, 1,500 square foot meat cutting and packing room, and an 1,800 square foot retail store.
  • Once the animals are dressed, they are immediately placed into the cooler from seven to fourteen days or based on the customer’s requirements.
  • The animals are then processed to the customer’s specification or prepared specifically for the retail store.” (

Well wasn’t it my lucky day! Once I realized that they were not only doing the processing of animals for many a farm, but they in fact had their own retail store that sold their OWN pasture raised, hormone & antibiotic free, locally grown and humane kill meat?! Oh it was fabulous! I could eat the meat I needed to help boost my iron levels AND I could feel better about eating it.


I tell you, the drive alone is worth the trip. Although it’s almost and hour for me, it’s a gorgous drive and the view?

Let’s just say, it’s breath-taking! On a clear day you can see forever.

The farm is located in Athol, MA (hold the obvious joke please) and the grounds are beautiful. The retail store sits atop a HUGE hill, which of course explains the view.


Aside from all of the amazing advantages of buying Adam’s Farm meat, there are other things, namely taste and value.

Because the animal is “processed” quickly and not stressed before they die, they don’t tense up. This means the meat should I put this? I can put my finger through one of their pot roasts. Yes, it’s that tender.

Not only that, but the taste. Oh lord have mercy! It taste the way meat should taste. Like to use to taste. The difference is immediately noticeable and if you ever try supermarket meat after that, you will want to spit it out.

Also, the fat content is incredibly noticable and worth mentioning. Their ground meats leave no grease to speak of, their steaks are lean and mean and the chicken isn’t suped up on crappy feed and hormones. Even the color of the fat is different. It’s beautiful yellow color from all of the keratin from the grass the animals are eating. I never though fat would be such an interesting thing to pay attention to but trust me, it is.

Now the value? I know one of the reasons people shy away from (and with good reason) is the price of organic, pasture raised meat. Hah, well let me tell you a little story.

Every now and then, I like to walk over to the meat section of the grocery store, a place I have learned to simply pass right over. I like to amuse myself with the price of meat. I’ll see a pound of chicken breast for $8 and nearly pass out, I’m prone to outbursts in the meat section, it’s true. I’ll see that or some $20 for 2 sirloin steaks that have clearly been injected with dye and I partially spit, turning to Matt and say, “Pppp did you see this?! Are they nuts? Like completely out of their damn minds?!”…and then Matt hushes me and steers me away.

Yes, I am here to prove the value of their meat.

I get a “make your own meat package” with usually a few extras thrown in (such a few whole chickens or breakfast sausage which is SO good). I fill my chest freezer, usually for about $100-$200 worth of meat. It is all comes vacuum sealed in individual bags! This means it lasts forever.

1 meat order, lasts me about 6 months. That’s only $33 a month on meat OR, roughly $8 a week for a $200 order. 

Tell me, how much do YOU spend on meat a week? 


I’m betting, that if you eat meat at every dinner, you are spending well over $20, maybe a little less if you are good at finding deals..but is it organic? Pasture raised? Hormone & antibiotic free? I’m thinking no.

I’m not here to get into the inevitable huge debate over eating or not eating meat. It’s simply too complex with too many answer. I find that this, this wonderful place, has been a complete miracle for me. That’s all I’m sayin. 😉

So, if you find yourself along the same moral/financial/culinary lines as me and live anywhere in the central Massachusetts area, please, go give Adam’s Farm a try. I think you’ll find that you’ll be glad that you did.


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I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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4 Responses to Adam’s Farm

  1. I like how passionate you are about this topic, I am definitely the same way. After reading “Eating Animals” I vowed to NEVER buy grocery store meat again… I wish more people were as informed about what the commercial meat industry in America is truly like 😦 Grocery store meat is disgusting, and I definitely cringe when I see walls of it at the store!!!

    • Exactly! I still do not understand how a lot of the practices for animal farming are even legal but I guess that’s just the “fastest and cheapest” mentality with little concern for the animals welfare.
      The way I see it is this; if an animal is going to die so that I can feed myself, it should have lived the healthiest, most pleasant life it could (i.e. cow are never happier than when they get to stand in a grassy field and chew their cud in peace!) and died as quickly and painlessly as possible. That’s the best I can hope for in life so why shouldn’t I be able to say the same for what I eat?!
      I’m just incredibly fortunate to have such a wonder and valuable (literally price wise!) resource close by!
      P.S. Matt taught me that hunters are the same way, they want the animal to die as quickly and painlessly as possible and they are responsibly limiting the population. It’s either 100 deer live in an area that can only support 50 and they all suffer, or 50 are removed and the rest have a good life. Makes sense to me now! Haha now he just has to actually GET a deer to stock my freezer 😉

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