Things You Didn’t Need To Know About Me: #2 I LURV Yard Work

I should change that, it should say “I love yard work as long it’s below 75 degrees out”…but whose that picky?!

(P.S. our grass isn’t NEARLY that green anymore..the nasty grubs saw to that…)

Let me give you a little background on this. My father (he’s so darn cute by the way, Hi Dad!) was born the only son out of three children. He then, upon growing up, marrying and starting a family of his own, not only had three daughters  (oh and they were DONE after my sisters, I was a SURPRISE! 🙂 ) but had almost all female pets, save for one very gender confused male cat (he started life as “Molly,”…you’d be confused too).  The poor man is doomed to be surrounded my women for the duration of his life.

Atop this wonderful tidbit of info, I grew up, not only in a log house, but a log home surrounded my woods on a few acres. As my father was cursed with no male children in site, from a young age I was put to work clearing the woods, hauling and stacking wood, doing yard work and planting a garden. Yes, I had items entered and many a blue ribbons won at the Sterling Fair by the age of 3, why do you ask?

Although not equipped to work (or do anything apparently) in the high heat, I still found myself a job on a farm where I stayed quite happily for several years in college. I am, vaguely speaking, my father’s son.

No I don’t want to take anything away from my sisters, they too were set to work as well. As much as my oldest sister Jenn was a tom boy type, I felt the need to take that reputation and smash it out of the water! There is a very good reason why mother kept the knowledge that girls could in fact play football, she did want tiny little, under-sized me to go hurting all of the boys…I’m not joking.

For all our tomboyishness, my middle sister Jackie was the yin to our yang. Jackie, from what I understand as I wasn’t around at the time (I will keep reminding you that my sisters are MUCH older than me don’t worry 😉 ), would not only, put on a skirt, stand in front of the mirror, spin and if the dress/skirt did not twirl right, take it off, but alas, not satisfied with just A skirt, took to wearing more than one skirt to kindergarten at a time. My mother had a very relaxed approach to parenting and fashion..which explains how I made it school in some of the get-ups I did.

I tell you all of this to explain why I find yard work so darn thrilling. I felt so very proud and important and strong when I got to help my dad in the woods. I reveled in putting on my jeans and work gloves and trotting out after my Dad to help because he NEEDED my help. So, yard work you see, has become something of a pride activity to me.

We had a HUGE yard growing up (our log home was not only surrounded by woods, but set in the middle of a large field). My father made the mistake of telling me he would pay me a quarter for every stick I picked up in the yard one Spring. He had no idea what he had done. I collected somewhere in the hundreds of sticks, every tiny itty bitty little stick I could find and when I told my father he owed me about 100 dollars, we ended up having to have a little chat, but my Dad had the cleanest yard on the street.

Last year when we bought our house I had to learn all kinds of new and bizarre yard work. Apparently, all the leaves and snow from the entire neighborhood, somehow get blown into our yard. I simply could not fathom that I wouldn’t be able to rake our entire, almost 1 acre of yard all by myself. I did it once, hauled no fewer than 22 garbage cans full of leaves up into the woods, only to have all the leaves replaced the next week, me in tears and surrendering to Matt’s suggestion we buy a leaf blower. I still hate that thing.

We had horrible clay soil FULL of grubs and cutworms that eat everything I plant so carefully in it, unrelenting sun with no shade on our little house and wind like you wouldn’t believe, all in stark contrasts to my parents lush green, low maintenance law and fabulous soil that’ll grow just about anything.

However, despite the challenges, I still love my yard work. come Spring and oh lord have mercy, come FALL, you cannot lure me inside. Once the unrelenting heat kicks in though, I stare out the window and pray for my poor helpless plants.

Yet, as this is now my house and my pride is directly tied to it, Matt can still con be outside, as he did last summer, to toil and sweat my petutie off in 99 degree heat! I lost 4 lbs that weekend. 

Even in the winter, I take deep pride in stacking wood, bringing in wood and keeping our wood stove going on full tilt. I have a serious issue with it…I’m boarderline obsessed.

This ALL explains why I would tell you yesterday, a day Matt convinced me to take off (with little effort. It went like this on Friday, Matt: “You should take Monday off,'” Me: “OK.”)  was the best day EVER!!!

We spent almost the entire day outside doing yard work. Raked and hauled a good 5 wheelbarrows full of acorns, picked up a million sticks, raked the entire front yard, swept all of the dirt in our grass out into the road for the street sweeper to get, cleared leaves and burned brush, all under a cool cloudy ski. IT WAS AWESOME!

Then, we spent the evening on the gorgeous patio Matt build by hand last year (because, you know, he figured he could learn how to make a dry stone wall on his own), cooking and eating and enjoying the cool weather before the nasty Volksgaon sized mosquitoes arrive.

And you know WHAT?!….I hope we get to do it all again this weekend.

“Yes, hi, my name is Lindsey and I’m obsessed with doing yard work (and I love the smell of fire).”

“Thank you Lindsey, you may sit down now…and please put the rake down!”


About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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