My Buddy Eddy (and his Mediterranean Marketplace)

So I have this buddy named Eddy….

Ok, so he’s not really my buddy (although I have spoken to him before!), and the poor man doesn’t call himself Eddy, he calls himself Ed, as in Ed Hyder’s Mediterranean Marketplace.

Now if you have been reading this blog for a while (I’m sorry), you know that I simply LURV Eddy and his market. I’m sorry Ed if you ever read this, but seeing as how I’m writing this post solely to gush about your fabulous market, I think you can just deal don’t you?

So Friday, well to start, I think it’s best to be honest, I got a new job! Yes, you are now looking (figuratively speaking of course, unless you snuck in to the donor room and are staring at me, please let that not be true) at the new Event Planner/Event Sales person for the Leicester Country Club. Ok, I’m not sure as to my actual title but that’s irrelevant.

This is very exciting for several reasons, the least of which include that this is EXACTLY what I’ve always wanted to do (regardless of if it took me until my senior year in college to realize it) and that my commute will now go from 45 minutes (on a good day) to exactly 6 (from door to door). Hallelujah, amen, moving on.

SO, you can certainly see why, after leaving my soon to be old job, after finding out the good news Friday afternoon, I felt the need to re-route my 45 minute commute to stop at the liquor store to pick up some champagne. Also, I figured, I should go visit my buddy Eddy and pick up a few of my favorite things. Maria had raindrops and kittens and other such nonsense, I have falafel and ajvar, so what?

Now, Ed Hyder’s is located on Pleasant st in Worcester, MA..admittedly NOT the most pleasant of streets. It is, I must say a tad sketchy but please do not let that deter you friends! For if you did, you would be missing out on a veritable gold mine of specialty foods.

I brought my trust little cell phone camera along for the ride and took a series of slightly stalkerish/fanatic pictures but no one gave me any grief about it and let me go about my merry business. I was stealthy though so don’t worry.

So here is Ed Hyders’ from the outside. I believe this was an old firehouse? Pretty cool huh? I know it may not seem like mush from the outside, but inside a glory of goodies await!


Now one of the things I love about Ed Hyder’s is that it is positively stuffed to the gills with awesome stuff! There is always something unique and interesting to look at, pick up and ponder.

Now listen, I know this place can be a tad intimated at first glance but despite it’s over abundance of fun and interesting loot, make no mistake, it is clean and tidy. That Eddy, he sure knows how to keep his place organized! I always knew I liked him! 😉


This is one of my favorite areas, the bulk (loose?) item area, when you first walk in the door on the left. See, I’m left-handed so my natural tendency is to travel left. It’s a weird habit but one I can’t seem to break!

As you can see, they have almost anything your little heart might desire, I walked away with some fine bulgur wheat (because there are different sizes apparently) and some whole wheat flour.

Next I perused the aisles. Believe it or no,t I did have an actual agenda when I stepped in the door, I knew what I needed but that didn’t for one glimmer of a second mean that I didn’t simply HAVE to stop and look at darn near everything I walked past!

 Ooo, ajvar! Matt developed a hot and steam love affair with this about a year ago. It’s excellent spread on sandwiches. I like it, but I cannot handle the HOT ajvar as it’s well, hot! Just like it says though, it’s red peppers, eggplant and garlic. What could be bad about that?!

“Persian Dried Limes.” I don’t know what to say. If someone could please tell me exactly what one would do with a Persian Dried Lime, I would be very happy if you shared it with me…as I would then have an excuse to get some.


Ah-hah! Falafel mix! You may remember this little beauty from an older post on Baked Falafel. Yes, after running out of this awesome stuff (it clearly stated on the sign below “make falafel like a pro!”..or something like that), we settled for the boxed supermarket stuff. Never again. Into my re-usable grocery bag you go falafel mix! I will never cheat on you again.

Mmm, pate. This is also the cheese section and I’m very sad to report that on my quick glance, they did not appear to have my beloved manchego cheese.

“Ed, dearest Ed, I was there a few months ago. You were giving out samples of the most life altering manchego cheese. It was sweet and nutty as only the best of mancehgo is. I would very much appreciate it Ed, if you would bring this cheese back, so that I may partake in the eating and swooning of said cheese. Thanks, you’re the best Ed.”

And SPEAKING of Ed, there he is!


There he is, hard at work. I did see him. He walked past me and said “Hi how are you?” and I got star struck (he has a commercial on the Food Network you know!) and just said “I’m gooooddd.” I was planning on saying, “hey I have this food blog and I’m planning on writing an entire post on your store and how much I love it and I tell ALL of cooking class students about this place, and do you mind if I take a picture of you for the blog?!”

Bu, uhm, haha funny thing, I didn’t. I chickened out and instead took the above picture, completely super secret squirrel style. I realize this was very creepy of me, but hey, I’m a loser what do you want from me!?

I think part of the reason I just like Ed so darn much is because he reminds me of my Dad, just a little. He too use to be partly bald with a nice white beardy thingy. I’m awful fond of my Dad, have I ever mentioned that? (only a million times I’m sure)

So this one time, Matt and I went to Ed’s, it may have even been our first trip. This was when Matt was slightly obsession with lamb. He still loves it, but his love was borderline obsession at the time. Any-who, we wanted lamb shanks and Ed had only 1 lonely shank in his freezer. As we stood there looking crestfallen (I love that word BTW and so rarely get to use it in a sentence… I’m glad we had this talk), Ed noticed out predicament, said “oh I’ve got some, hold on let me trim them up for you,” and just like that, he walked back into his kitchen, trimmed us up two lovely fresh lamb shanks and presented us with them. Now THAT is service people!

Did I mention Ed makes the best darn humus around? Oh and he makes prepared marinated meats, and kabobs and other lovely things.

Last was waiting in line. As I did so I snapped this perfectly upfront sneaky picture of all of the amazing jars full of spices and herbs and jellybeans (!) behind the counter!

Yes, not a single square inch of space in that place goes un-used! Ed is very resourceful like that.

So here is my actual loot:


  • Ed Hyder’s Humus
  • Spinach & Cheese Naan bread (this and the above go VERY well together)
  • jar of Sriracha Garlic & Chili sauce (because Matt is almost out of his Christmas stocking stash, sad as that is)
  • 1 bag of Bulgur Wheat
  • 1 bag of Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1 container of Falafel Mix

And all for  just under $20. Not too shabby.

So in conclusion, go, go visit my buddy Eddy and his fabulous market and tell him I sent him…just don’t tell him I called him Eddy. PLEASE? That would be great.



About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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6 Responses to My Buddy Eddy (and his Mediterranean Marketplace)

  1. congrats on your new job! sounds wayyyyy more interesting than my accounting gig 😉

    • Lol thank you! and certainly from MY perspective, being someone who hates math more than anything in the world, it is far more intertesting. 😉
      Although don’t get me wrong, I hold accountants and all those who can actually DO math in the highest regard! It’s a jelousy thing 😉

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  4. Emily says:

    I used to work @ Ed’s and my favorite job was keeping the jellybean jars in rainbow order. The store is amazing and Ed even more so. He’s still the best boss I’ve ever had.

    • THats wonderful to know Emily! I’d be color coordinating the jelly beans as well haha. I find that the people that work there tend to really love their jobs and very knowledgable, I’m sure thats in direct relation to having a good boss. 🙂

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