Am I NUTS?!…Don’t Answer That.

I know what you’re thinking. I really do. I am magical like that…like Edward in Twilight!…OK not really.

Yes, you’ere thinking, “It’s been 4 days Lindsey you must have been bad!” Yeah, that’s about right. But I have a defense all ready and waiting for you fresh out of the oven! After my first attempt at my “run training”…up hill, my calves were in so much pain that even TODAY, during combat, my first work out attempt since, they were really sore. Like I had to hold back a little. I seriously think I permanently damaged them. Like tore muscle or something. Any way, the point is not only did I not work out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but my diet was not well, great. It was ok. I made effort..but I had a serious carb craving this week or something (you should have seen my girls night Tuesday; 3 funfetti cupcakes and a giant bowl of pasta later!).

Any-who I’m back it. I really honestly and truly DID want to workout but I knew my calves wouldn’t allow it. If one cannot walk, one can hardly be expected to workout, right? So there was combat this AM, my second run training tomorrow (or elliptical if the weather stays as crappy as it’s been threatening), running on Saturday AM with my friend Jackie would has heartily pledged to train with me (she’s already a runner though and a good 20 lbs lighter than me so she’s tough competition that one!) and then RPM out in Webster (a good 45 minutes for me, ugh) Sunday AM. A lofty plan to be sure but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Now aside from all this I’m attempting to schedule an appointment with a nutritionist. Training is a serious thing and requires a serious plan. Short of begging this poor woman to hypnotizing me into the ability to stop myself from craving/eating everything that is bad for me and sabotaging my plan, I will have another, near impossible task for her; make a vegan and a gluten/dairy free meal plan for me.

“Uhm, Are you NUTS?!” Yes, I think I am. WHY would I ever even consider doing such a thing? Well I have my reasons. Oh and don’t worry, these are NOT to be attempted until well after my 5Ks and triathlon are finished! Also, only to be done for a month each. It’s an experiment OK?! Sheesh back off.


I just, not moments before I started writing this post, read an article in a magazine about going vegan. I’ve always sort of laughed this off but secretly harbored jealousy for people who can do this. My aunt, along with her 2 children are vegans. Why can’t I do it?

Yes it is true that the article said vegans tend to weigh a lot less. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a draw but really, my overall goal is always to be very healthy. The key to being a vegan is to do so HEALTHFULLY. That’s a word right? There was once a time, before I met Matt, that I considered becoming a vegetarian for ethical reasons (not a vegan, I love cheese like it’s my life). Then I was “diagnosed” if you will, with a seriously low iron level and a body that just didn’t want to absorb iron dang gumit (or is it dain-gunnit? I can never remember)! Couple that with my discovery of grass feed, organic, free range and HUMANE KILL meat and I was euphoric! Yay! Meat for all!

But the reality is I think being a vegan for a month, yes only a month, would teach me a lot. It’s discipline and planning and it’s a challenge. Call me a masochist (I had to look the word up on Google dictionary) but it is seductive and I kinda want to try it. Really, I just want to see how I feel after a month. Stories of total utter, life changing wonderfulment (not a word I know) and amazing energy and health lure me over to the green side. I’m tempted, I want to give it a whirl, you know, for fun. Can the “Cheese Queen of the North” (Matt gave me this disturbing title, I secretly both love and hate it) go without dairy for a month? Oh God I’m sweating just thinking about it.


Along the same lines of a vegan diet, you sometimes find the gluten/dairy free diet, albeit they are not the same thing. Gluten is (take it away Wikipedia!):

“Gluten (from Latin gluten “glue”) is a protein composite that appears in foods processed from wheat and related species, including barley and rye. It gives elasticity to dough, helping it to rise and to keep its shape, and often giving the final product a chewy texture.”

There you have it, while dairy is, well, dairy.

Now clearly this is vastly different than a vegan diet aside from the ban on dairy they both share.

Why these things? Well recently at a party at my neighbor’s house, some of her friends were on this diet; one for health reasons, the other, well for support really. I’ve heard of this before; it is said that gluten and dairy products are actually not very good for the body. Dairy produces mucus (which is why you should NEVER drink a glass of milk if you’ve got a wicked snotty cold cause your just going to turn into “Snots Magots” (thank you Jackie J for that name. I stole it)) and cause inflammation in the joints…so people say. Don’t quote me I am not a doctor, I just come up with stuff from miss mashed stuffed I’ve heard..but I’ve heard this in particular a lot.

I found it very interesting that a doctor would “prescribe” this for a patient, suffering from lime disease. The girl I spoke with said, although it’s hard, she feels infinitely better! This is becoming more and more popular, heck I had my dog on a gluten free diet a few weeks ago! Maybe there is something to the notion that this stuff, this stuff that really, if you think about it, is processed and not meant for immediate consumption of humans, is bad for us. Plus mucus, eww.

Could I do it though? In a way it’s less limiting than a vegan diet and in other ways more so. Could I go without my beloved Chobani as a friend of mine just pointed out?

I think the question is among the 2 which would we harder; going without meat or going without flour? That’s really what the difference boils down to.

I want to try it. I’ve got the idea in my head and now there’s simply on way it will go away if I don’t give it a shot. I want to see if it changes my life and makes me feel amazing…or if I’m hungry or tired. This is why I plan on enlisting the experts here…and not even attempting anything for a long time, months in fact. But it’s a goal to set for after my other goals. Because “what is a diet if not an attainable goal?” Right you are Bridget Jones, right you are. (oh lord I’m dooommmeeedd!)

Training & Food Journal Below

TRAINING: 55 minutes of awesome butt kicking courtesy of my lovely instructor Taryn and her 5:15am Body Combat class. 

FOOD JOURNAL (with dietary notes…that will make you crack up. At least I did.)

  • PRE WORKOUT SNACK: banana (good for both diets. YAY! I’m doing well! 🙂 )
  • BREAKFAST: 1/2 cup of granola soaked in 1/2 cup of Almond Milk (ohh so yummy!) Also all good on both diets. Yesss I’m good at this already!
  • …..BREAKFAST #2: (OK, so they were cooking a massive breakfast over in the department my Mom works in which just happens to be across the hall. I didn’t mean to stumble across this! I didn’t! But I didn’t want to hurt Diane, the original owner of my little beagle pup’s feelings so I sorta had the following) 1 small slice of country cured ham (out on vegan diet), an even smaller slice of country cured bacon (out on vegan diet. it’s different than regular bacon, it was an experience I needed to have), 1 small square of ham and egg and cheese casserole (mm so yummy..only it’s out on both diets) and…ok 1 pancake floating in real maple syrup! (out on gluten free diet…oh dear..oh and vegan I forgot about the eggs and the milk in the pancake batter shoot!)I couldn’t help myself! Pancakes are my weakness they really are!
  • LUNCH: Cobb Salad. Not very healthy really. I should have just gotten butternut squash bisque and called it a day. Less of 2 evils? Probably not.
  • DINNER: Roast chicken (out on vegan diet), brown rice (ok on both diets! Hoorah!) and roasted asparagus (hoorah again!)..and probably 1 of the peanut butter cup cookie things I made last night…and ate 2 of (oh dear. I’m done for)

About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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