Nothing to Report Captin!

I really don’t know where in this tiny little head of mine I thought running outside would starting soon because it’s “warming up.” HAH! I brought the dog out at 5am this morning and it was “flipping freezing” at best.

No matter, I was a good girl and did my elliptical for a few minutes (25) although I’ll admit I wasn’t feeling it all that much.

Tomorrow is a detestable 4:30am wake up for body combat. I have been dutifully snubbing my favorite class and it’s high time I got over myself and went. I always am so very pleased as punch with myself when I do. PLUS I need to kick my works into high gear and only combat can leave me happily whimpering.

I’m scouting of 5Ks for the end of May and June and getting very excited!…and yet also very nervous. I’m thinking of signing up for some on the coast so I can run by beaches, the theory being that they will be much more enjoyable with all of that ocean air…plus cooler. I’ll let you know what I decide on!

BREAKFAST: the BEST Chocolate Elephant Monkey smoothie ever because I added frozen berries. It was a banana split in a glass! I was a happy girl! 🙂
LUNCH: last of the Pork “Fried” Rice from Sunday night some mango and strawberries
SNACK: graham cracker with Teddy’s Peanut Butter (I was reliving my childhood)
DINNER: Homemade chili I will post tomorrow and cornbread made in the cast iron skillet ON THE GRILL (wish me luck on that one)


About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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