Valentine’s Day Heat Wave!

TRAINING: Skipping for today as it’s a special day and I stayed up far too late last night BUT back at it EARLY tomorrow!


  • BREAKFAST: Chocolate Elephant Monkey Smoothie
  • SNACK: dark chocolate raspberry square (which I was sad to find out too late was DARK chocolate. I’m not a fan)
  • LUNCH: the very last of my Light Broccoli and Cheddar soup (will need to make more of this)
  • DINNER: It’s a surprise! 😀

For the first time in forever it’s warm out! (warm being about 40ish degrees)

I actually kind of love winter and hate the heat but after all of the snow we have had, it was nice to bring the dog out this morning and now have my breath freeze in my throat. Just saying. PLUS it makes me think of doing activities outside…like running! YAY running! (I’m still working on the positive thought association thing)

SO, the big V-DAY! I have always LOVED Valentine’s Day (fitting). This has many reason’s behind it:

  • my parent’s have always spoiled me a little rotten on this day (I’ve gotten everything from facials to an electric juicer at age 11! You can see I have always been weird)
  • there is always someone to love! (be it my parents, my sisters, my pets, boyfriends, MYSELF!)
  • I love the color pink…which you can wear head to toe on this day without looking like a fool (I did paint my nails red last night without thinking. I have no red clothes and am wearing a pink sweater…which does not match. Go figure. It’s the thought that counts right?)
  • It means my birthday is a week away! (although this stopped being quite as fun after I turned 21. No one seems to care any more 😦 humph) AND..
  • probably my #1 reason to love V-day? FOOD. Yes we know I love it and Valentine’s Day gives you an excuse to eat something totally fabulous and gourmet on a Monday.

This will now mark Matt & Myself’s 4th Valentine’s Day together. We have done the same thing every year. we skip going out. We skip all of the expensive hoop-la and we make dinner at home.

Matt is responsible for dinner, I’m in charge of dessert.

Now I am convinced Matt will never top his meal from 2 years ago. It was a Saturday, back in the good ‘ol days when he actually had the weekends off (He has to work tonight 😦 so sad). I made chocolate covered strawberries for dessert which took me all of 30 seconds, and then proceeded to paint my nails in the livingroom whilst drinking champagne, eating cheese and crackers and listen to music. There was a flurry of activity in the kitchen and Matt appeared in the doorway, his black apron C-O-V-E-R-E-D in flour. He was concerned what he had planned wasn’t going to work but I had faith.

He proceeded to present me with, and this is still my death row meal to this day, the following;

  • Handmade (by him) Smoked Salmon Mousse Ravioli in a gruyer cream sauce
  • Asparagus bundles with rosemary and anchovy (which isn’t fishy, it just gives it a fabulous salty taste) wrapped in prosciutto and roasted in the oven
  • passionfruit champagne. (which he had to juice himself. If you have never SEEN the inside of a passionfruit it looks exactly like frog eggs. EXACTLY)

HEAVEN. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life.

Last year was duck Marsala with cherries (A Wild Cheff creation)

THIS year however, I’m a tad concerned. I have a feeling he had SOMETHING planned but I had to remind him on Saturday that I can STILL (grrr) only eat soft things. He looked very deflated at this reminder and said something along the lines of “should we just forget it then and do something easy?”

GASP! NO! WE CANNOT! This is Valentine’s Day. The day we put lots of thought and time and effort into making something for each other that we think will make the other person happy. To prove my point, last year I slaved over Caramel Ice Cream and Guinness Floats with an Espresso Syrup Cake (which he had seen some 2 years earlier and had asked for ever since). This combined all the things he loves; ice cream, Guinness, Espresso and Chocolate. It was no easy feat my friends but I pulled it off!

Now tonight (and he better not read this) I had one of two plans for dessert:

  • Yin and Yang (white and milk chocolate) fondue with assorted yumminess (which he claims to hate the idea of fondue but I happen to LOVE and also happen to own a fondue pot from my 20th family birthday party where I made a peach and white chocolate fondue that was to die for. don’t ask for the recipe I have no idea where I got it from)
  • some form of torte or mousse.

I ended up with the following idea; a white chocolate mouse which I pulled from an incredibly involved (seriously, I had to read the recipe all the way through about 15 times before even attempting it) White Chocolate Espresso Torte with Hazelnut Praline, which happened to be a BIG dissapointment because it called for FAR too much semi sweet chocolate ganache which completely overpowered the entire torte. I was disappointed BUT the white chocolate mousse was to die for. And lesson learned, I now exactly how I would change it to make it perfect..whenever I decide to attempt it again.

SO my plan was to combine this with perhaps a milk chocolate cake cut into thin layers, and top each layer with a raspberry & orange zest sauce. This seemed a little too iffy for me to attempt though SO, on the way into work I reached my conclusion. Very definitively. (which means I will likely change my mind again)

Crepes with White Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Orange Zest Sauce.

As we speak I’m still playing virtual table tennis in my mind with the two ideas. I’m not sure who will win at this point. I was very certain up until 30 seconds ago crepes were the winner but chocolate cake is begging for my attention again. I just don’t know! Either way I know the following: it will have white chocolate mouse and it will have a raspberry orange zest sauce.

Diet food? Uhm, hardly. HOWEVER, I’m back at it tomorrow. I was able to locate a Tuesday morning spinning class at the other horrible gym I still have an unbreakable 3 year contract with (Never, EVER ,EVER! sign up to a Bally Total Fitness. You will be stuck in your contract until you die. They want your first-born, your signature in blood and then your soul when you die…and you still can’t get out of it!) So I figured it’s worth dragging my mother (whose membership I also pay for each month…and which she doesn’t use) to it. The other (and only) upside to this horrible gym is that they have a pool, however hygienically questionable it may be, in which I can practice  the swimming portion of my triathlon training.

Now in conclusion, if you do not have a significant other on this day, do NOT fret/eat and entire box of chocolates/carton of ice cream/cake whilst crying/hate everyone else/ polish off 1-4 bottles of champagne while watching “Pretty Woman” and contemplating becoming a hooker so that a rich handsome businessman will save you (this will not work. Don’t even think about it). Be happy! You have no disappointments because you aren’t expecting anything, you don’t have to hemorrhage money uselessly, AND I Love yah! 😉 Now go make yourself as fabulous meal and enjoy the day..and remind yourself how totally awesome you are 😉



About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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