I Surrender Mother Nature

TRAINING: not a thing >:-S


  • BREAKFAST: a high fiber english muffin (from what my mother tells me) with about 2 Tbs. Teddie’s Peanut Butter and some raspberry jam
  • SNACK: unlikely. fig newtons maybe?
  • LUNCH:? Also unlikely. (I’ll probably end up with a veggie egg white flatbread from Dunkin Doughnuts on my mad dash way from my meeting across town to my doctors appointment.)
  • DINNER:? Also, no clue

Uhg. just UUHHGGGG!

Well, I surrender. I give up on any semblance of schedule this week now. Mother Nature clearly has her own agenda as do the stars and it’s messing with universe darn it!

Last night I arrived at my parents primed and ready not at all to make sugar cookies for an order I have this weekend. If you have never made sugar cookies, let me tell you, it’s quite the process. It goes something like this:

  • make dough
  • chill dough
  • roll out dough getting COVERED in flour during the process and cussing often
  • cut out cookies
  • bake cookies
  • cool cookies

now the EASY part is over.

  • make frosting.
  • color frosting.
  • frosting is wrong color….
  • cuss some more, and start frosting over.
  • finally get one color right and then repeat frosting process.
  • cut tip of freezer bag and try VERY CAREFULLY inserting pastry tip.
  • break bag.
  • throw hissy fit, stomp around a little and then come back and repeat pastry tip/bag ripping process a few more times.
  • fill bags.
  • dam cookies. (not making this up. you make a border for the thinner frosting)
  • let dry (impatiently)
  • FLOOD cookies.
  • get colored frosting EVERYWHERE. (table, hair, floor, hands, dog doesn’t matter)
  • let dry (much more impatiently)
  • do final details on cookies.
  • let dry again…..for a long time
  • package cookies
  • break about 15 of them..only after you spent the time on them.
  • collect measly penance and ask yourself for the MILLIONTH time why you subject yourself to this torture. Pride perhaps? who knows.

All told this process takes 4 days at the minimum. That’s if I’ve got FULL days which I do not. I promised a friend of mine I would make 40 (60 to be safe) for her sister’s baby shower this weekend. Now I make cookie baskets for the holidays every year and sell them. It means days and days of little or no sleep although this year I made them at my parents house because their kitchen is much bigger and better than ours (to say the very least) and my mom helped a lot so it wasn’t nearly as bad.

However, sugar cookies, unless you have a full time baking staff, by god are they a nightmare. I really have no answer for why I do it. It always SOUNDS like a great idea.

Well last night, I was all ready to go. I was going to make the dough and cut and bake all of the cookies. One major tiny problem. I had all of my cookie cutters…except the one I needed. SO, I made the dough and then will have to go back to my parents tonight and actually roll, cut and bake them. All pending on Matt arriving at my parents with said missing cookie cutter.

Last night we had pizza (and wine, I should have saved that for tonight I will need it more) so god only knows what dinner tonight will be. My mother is quite the adventurous cook (ehm) so it could be anything! Either way my training is a no go. Nor was any chance of planning ANYTHING I’m going to eat today. I’ll just look for the healthiest options and pray for the best.

The ONLY bright spot is today I’m having a meeting with a man who moonlights as a race coordinator. I spent a long time chatting with him at my business after hours event last week about how I’m try to train for 2 5K’s and a triathlon. Well doesn’t it so happen he does such training in the area, AND he’s working on setting up 3 triathlons this summer! Well isn’t it my lucky day.

So hopefully by the time today is over I will have a much better plan of attack. I’m not losing any weight really which means I need to up the workouts and scale down on the calories.

It’s a sad truth but I know my body. For me to LOSS weight I can’t just change things slightly. It holds on for DEAR life (somehow I blame my Italian roots for wanting me to be a curvy baby making machine) so it means INTENSE workouts daily and meager food portions. Yup, looking forward to it.

Once this weather decides to stop being cranky (it’s acting like a spoiled child I swear) then I’ll need to take this training to a new level. Change happens gradually and I’m making good strides in getting up early and being consistent, getting myself back in fighting form, but it’s time to turn the intensity up a bit!

Well, that’s it for today. Sorry no recipes, I’ll do my utmost best to give you something worth while on Friday..or Saturday..while I wait for icing to dry. Heres hoping your week is a little more on schedule than mine; Cheers! 😉


About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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2 Responses to I Surrender Mother Nature

  1. annie says:

    I absolutely hate making sugar cookies. They are such a pain and I can never get the dough right. I stick to drop cookies thank you very much.

    I am in the same boat with the weight loss stuff. I have kicked up my exercising but am having the damndest time cutting calories. We just have to keep persevering!

    • forkl says:

      Here, here! My mother has been gloating about lossing weight eatting a ton of fruit and I’m like well la-te-dah aren’t you speical? lol As much as I LOVE my sugar, I couldn’t eat fruit all day. I’d want something savory and warm. I think once I REALLY kick up the training as I get closer to races I wont have as much trouble. But for now, I need to keep an eye on my portions and scorn dessert and wine for a bit 😦 We’ll make it though! 😀

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