5 Loaves Bakery

TRAINING: Body Combat (the love of my life…exercise wise) 1 hour of the most  intense, fun, butt whipping awesomeness that has ever existed!


  • SNACK: banana (before my class at 5:15am!)
  • BREAKFAST: Kashi Trail Mix Bar
  • LUNCH: (TBE) not sure but I’m going to scout out the chicken piccata and italian vegetable plate in the cafateria…if not my salad stand by. 😉
  • DINNER: Falafel with Tatziki sauce if it kills me!

Matt not having a cell phone is getting pretty old!

For those of you who missed it last week, our dog Maybelle, when left alone (as any teething dog would do) destroyed Matt’s phone.

Well because of this I can’t call him ahead of time and ask him to start soaking the falafel mix which takes about an hour.

So last night I got home expecting this to be done…and it wasn’t. I have a feeling Matt is not the biggest fan of falafel, it’s one of his “eehh it’s OK” kinda meals.

As disappointed as I was we decided to try a new restaurant that opened in our town (a very exciting thing as there are essentially none unless you want pizza). Well we got there and wouldn’t you know, it was closed. 😦

SO, feeling disappointed and rather hungry, we ventured over to another teeny tiny restaurant that makes wonderful breads and homemade soups but which we had never tried for dinner; 5 Loaves Bakery.

Now the WONDERFUL advantage of living in a small town is that for a place to survive the prices can’t be too high. ALSO, both the restaurant we didn’t get to try, and the one we ended up at, are BYOB, BIG money saver, although we ordered water as Matt had to go to work.

This place is tiny but the menu looked WONDERFUL and changes often. There’s nothing on the menu over $18. They have large plates and small plates.

We decided on a few small plates. We honestly would have been fine with just 2.

We ended up with (and I’m VERY sorry I don’t have pictures of this gorgeous food but I find it a bit rude to whip your camera out in a restaurant, just me) 5 gorgeous salmon ravioli in a super flavourful and creamy sauce. Often times I find when you get a “cream” sauce on something it’s heavy, but not very flavorful. This was wonderful, tangy and complex and it complimented the salmon well.

Next we had “breakfast for dinner”, a fritatta with perfectly crispy potatoes, sausage, sautéed onions and topped with cheese and herbs. This was served alongside a nice small salad of baby greens with a light vinaigrette (if not a bit too much of it).

Lastly, we had a root vegetable salad served cold with manchego cheese (remember this from our Chorizo & Soft Boiled Egg Salad? Yeah, good stuff!). It was roasted carrots and beets tossed in a vinaigrette over more of the baby greens with vinaigrette.

As much as I loved the first 2 dishes and appreciated the attempt at the last one, it fell flat. There was a very distinct taste of dirt coming from the beets. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some roasted beets, WITH the skin on (as I’m sure this is where the dirt taste was coming from) but somehow in this salad it overpowered.

SO, overall it was wonderful and a good find. I’m glad we tried it for dinner! The plates were really honestly far from small (5 ravioli and 4 large pieces of fritatta!) but more the way portions SHOULD be and very well priced. They were $7, $7, and $8 so with tax & tip (we gave him a good tip cause he was working hard all my himself!) for the 2 of us it was less than $30!

Now the only reason Matt and I ever go out to eat anymore is to try something new so that we can steal the idea and make it at home. This didn’t disappoint. Often times we find ourselves very underwhelmed as we look at eachother and say “we could have made this MUCH better at home and for much cheaper.” Not this time.

I’m excited to try the original restaurant, The Two Chefs as it’s VERY close to our house. The menu looks excellent and the prices do as well. It has a lot of hispanic influences with chili con carne, empanadas and my FAVORITE a cuban sandwich! (Eee! 😀 ) If you were to take either of those 2 restaurants and move them a few miles east into Worcester, the items could easily we twice the price.

So, tonight, I have a meeting and a business after hours events so I wont be home until 6:30pm at the earliest but I have given Matt my plea to PLEASE start soaking the falafel before I get home so we can make it. I have all of these lovely ingredients that must be used! Here’s hoping he does his task 😉


About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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