Who? What ? Where? WHY?!

You may ask yourself what the purpose of this blog is. Well it’s to track the treacherous trail I will travel in my training.

Training for what?

Excellent question! I have a few goals here:

  • Complete 2 5Ks (this counts for TWO goals)
  • Complete a Mini Triathlon (that’s a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride and 3 mile run incase you were wondering)
  • *Loss Weight. This is a must however, I’m trying to take the focus off of the weight and put it on the TRAINING and thusly the end result should be weight loss. (nice how that works isn’t it?)
  • Overall Better Health/ Better Shape

OK but WHY?!

 Well simple. Public humiliation. Have you ever promised yourself you would do something, and then you didn’t but who knew about it? No one? Exactly my point, there’s no accountability. I have set these silly goals and to get there, rules made up just for me. I’m not a nutritionist or a trainer or even a real athlete, I simply know what shoould work for me.

The 2 5Ks serve a major purpose here. I am NOT a runner. In fact, when I almost competed in a mini tri a few years ago, this was the only thing that frightened me, even though I often hear many worry about the swimming. No running is not my thing regardless of how in shape I am.


So how do I reach these goals? Rules and a PLAN. There is a method to my madness however mad that method may be. These rules may not make sense to everyone but for me, they should work.


  • Follow my training plan
  • Eat well (only to properly fuel my body)
  • 1 cheat day a week (this can amount to any combo of naughty breakfast, lunch or dinner, it doesn’t all necessarily need to be on the same day)
  • Sleep (get enough of it)
  • Make healthy swaps wherever possible (i.e. the pasta with the highest fiber and lowest carbs over regular, things like that)
  • Plan meals for the week (I have a list of approved breakfasts, lunches and dnners..although dinner is free game in my book as long it follows the moderation rule below)
  • Do prep ahead of time (i.e. saute and freeze veggies for healthy breakfasts with eggs and pack gym bag and put together outfit the night before)
  • Anything naughty must be eaten in MODERATION! (Say it with me: Mod-er-aaaa-tion. Moderation. No finishing half a cake alone)
  • SLOW THE F DOWN! I often find myself eating too quickly these days and therefore eat too much. I now must do the following: Take 3 slow breathes, close my eyes and put my utensules down in between bites. It sounds absurd but will make a big difference.
  • I must log all training and every. single. thing. I eat on this blog, RE: public humiliation. RE: sticking to the plan.
  • I must relax. Give myself a break but remember that I am doing this for ME (and to look good in a wedding dress for a possible wedding that is not in the works yet. This is a sickness I know but I’m a girl and therefore cannot let it go. so sue me.)



I have set up a little training regiment that may seem weird by most standards. I read an article a few weeks ago, an interview with a life long marathoner. Well I’m not planning on a marathon any time soon but the one thing she recommended was cross training. Excellent idea.

If all I do is run I would be miserable and I know enough about fitness to know you NEED cross training. I’m following a program to start to help keep me on track www.couchto5K.com. It states that most people do not like running because they try to start to quickly. Agreed. So I found my plan and I’m sticking to it. So here is my plan:

  • Mondays: Body Combat (5:15am, 4:14 wake up. Gross I know, but stay with me)
  • Tuesdays:5:15am, 4:15am wake up: Spinning (as they have carelessly removed this from my gym’s class schedule I will be doing the bike on my own at the gym until they come to their senses)
  • Wednesdays: 5:30am, 4:30am wake up: Running (Couch to 5K and weights, upper body)
  • Thursdays: 5:15am, 4:15am wake up: Spinning (again, on my own until they come to their sense)
  • Friday: 5:30am, 4:30am wake up: Running (couch to 5k and core strength)
  • Saturday: REST (ahh the best part)
  • Sunday: wake up whenever :): Running (Weights, lower body) & Yoga


Meal are planned and shopped for ahead of time. LOTS of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein, lots of legumes and nuts for protein, things like that. The honest truth is most of us know how to eat healthy, we simply lack the capacity.

Eating well, especially for me does not mean being miserable. You should enjoy your food. I’m not a chef per say but cooking enthusiast? YOU betcha! I will be posting good healthy recipes, so follow this blog if not for any other reason.


In bed, 8:30pm, no questions asked.

So Why follow this blog? Well that’s simple. You can follow my progress, adopted some healthy habits of your own, marvel at my craziness, get some DELICIOUS recipes (did I mention I teach cooking classes? I’m not going to steer you wrong here) or train right along with me! Either way the trail is long but I’d much rather take a trail than a road.


About Lindsey @ trail to train

I'm a (somewhat) normal girl with slightly unusal ideas about everything. I do fitness my way because thats the only way I know how and my extensive mishmashed knowledge of food and cooking to make great, fast, healthy meals.
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